Embedded payroll for vertical SaaS platforms.

With Gusto Embedded Payroll, you can build a tailored service your customers will love to use. The best part? They never have to leave your platform. By providing them all-in-one service, you’ll be driving their success as well as your own.

We make the complex simple.

It takes years to learn the ins and outs of payroll. Instead, partner with the only provider that has worked for over a decade to build an infrastructure you can rely on.


01. Migrations managed

Switching payroll providers isn’t easy. Done poorly, it can lead to heavy penalties for customers. Gusto’s technology makes migrations a breeze for your customers, any time of year.


02. Industry-leading support

Gusto maintains a NPS >70 because we provide best-in-class support to match our payroll. Our friendly experts are available to you and your customers by phone, Slack, or email.


03. Reliability at scale

There are thousands of tax code changes each year, in 11,000+ jurisdictions across 50 states. Enjoy access to the same tax filing infrastructure and compliance teams that serve over 300,000 businesses.

A friendly Gusto agent provides customer support to a small business.

Our payroll is more than a product—it’s a full service.

A payroll solution involves providing world-class support and service. That means you can’t just white-label a flimsy payroll app. With Gusto Embedded, you get 10 years of experience, industry-leading support, and robust reliability at scale.

Why Gusto Embedded for vertical SaaS platforms?

Your customers are excited about what they do, but probably not about payroll. They want a product that’s as quick and easy to use as possible. We’ve spent over a decade optimizing our technology for complexity and scalability, so that you and your customers can focus on what’s important.

Songe LaRon, co-founder and CEO of Squire
“In launching a payroll solution integrated into our platform, Squire continues to build on our commitment to be the best-in-class, end-to-end platform to power all parts of barbershop operations.”
Songe LaRon Co-founder and CEO, Squire
Songe LaRon, co-founder and CEO of Squire
Songe LaRon Co-founder and CEO, Squire