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The payroll API trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Example of payroll UI, showing two people paid for their work.

Gusto Embedded is the only embedded payroll platform with proven reliability at scale that also offers developers the agility they need to build a truly unique offering.

Example of payroll UI, showing two people paid for their work.

Building your payroll.

If you want to build comprehensive workflows that will save your customers time and hassle, our payroll API can help!

You focus on a seamless integration and a custom UX, Gusto Embedded provides the tax, payments, and compliance infrastructure to deliver reliable and accurate payroll your customers can trust.

    Go with the flow—your very own.

    Our modular, customizable, pre-built UI Flows give you the flexibility to choose where you want to focus your time and energy.

    Plug and play.

    Flows are based on Gusto’s UI and let you build a dynamic payroll solution in as little as four weeks.

    Compliance baked in.

    Flows help cover your bases so you can onboard, run payroll, and pay and file taxes accurately for customers.

    Support standing by.

    Resolve support tickets with a dedicated console that thousands use already. Plus, our dedicated support team is on call to help.

    Hooman Radfar, CEO of Collective
    “Gusto Embedded Payroll enables us to deliver the first integrated all-in-one financial platform for businesses-of-one. We're excited to streamline our customer experience with the most trusted partner in the market.”
    Hooman Radfar CEO, Collective
    Hooman Radfar, CEO of Collective
    Hooman Radfar CEO, Collective

    The payroll API that’s right for you.

    Payroll seems simple because it’s a ubiquitous need. But there’s so much more behind the APIs.

    When you partner with Gusto Embedded, you’re picking a great developer platform and a partner who’s proven they can serve your customers reliably at scale.