Embedded payroll for banking and fintech.

Whether you provide payments, banking, lending, or complete financial services, your customers all need to manage payroll. Embedding payroll can help reduce complexity, consolidate applications, and take you one step closer to becoming a one-stop shop.

How we handle complexity.

We help businesses tackle the complexities of payroll, all from one streamlined platform.


01. APIs and flows

We provide a collection of APIs and white-labeled flows on which to construct your own UI and a flexible usage and billing model.


02. Backend infrastructure

All the relevant data (employer, employee, hours worked) is passed to Gusto to handle payroll calculations, taxes, and compliance.


03. World-class support and service

Gusto will train your teams to be capable of handling Tier 1 support (e.g., password reset) while Gusto handles Tier 2 support (e.g., state tax notice).

A friendly Gusto agent provides customer support to a small business.

Our payroll is more than a product—it’s a full service.

A payroll solution involves providing world-class support and service. That means you can’t just white-label a flimsy payroll app. With Gusto Embedded, you get 10 years of experience, industry-leading support, and robust reliability at scale.

Why Gusto Embedded for banking and fintech?

With over a decade of experience running and supporting payroll for our own customers, only Gusto has the proven technology to handle the complexity and scale of your business.

Matt Hamilton, VP of Product at Novo
"Payroll is one of the biggest expenses for small businesses, and being able to integrate it more deeply into the whole financial picture opens up many opportunities to optimize cash flow and operations."
Matt Hamilton VP of Product, Novo
Matt Hamilton, VP of Product at Novo
Matt Hamilton VP of Product, Novo