Ship Fast with Pre-built UI flows for employee & contractor onboarding

Product Updates

The Gusto Embedded Product Teams were busy, busy, busy in July & August!

Hello! Our teams have been pushing hard to deliver major functionality that allows our partners to quickly and compliantly launch quality embedded payroll products backed by Gusto’s battle-tested infrastructure. Here are some recent highlights that we’re excited to share

Employee Self-Onboarding

We know payroll admins are incredibly busy. To alleviate the burden of having to enter each new employee’s direct deposit information and other particulars related to payroll, Gusto Embedded now has a new prebuilt UI flow to allow for employee self-onboarding. Admins simply invite new employees to enter information on their own which saves payroll admins precious time and improves the accuracy of employee data.

To see this new functionality in action, head over to the Onboarding Flow Guide and select “Employee Self-Onboarding” from the drop down menu and hit “Create demo”. From there you can review the prebuilt UI flow and learn more about employee onboarding with Gusto Embedded Payroll.

Contractor Onboarding

Contractor hiring surged dramatically thanks to the economic uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s estimated more than 55 million US workers are now part of the Gig Economy. With 200,000+ happy customers, many of whom employ contractors, Gusto knows how vital contractors are to small businesses and we expect this upward trend in contractor hiring to continue. 

That’s why we’re so happy to announce a revamped contractor onboarding experience with the addition of contractor onboarding APIs with prebuilt UI flows. With this new functionality, you can complete end to end onboarding, sign contractor forms, submit new hire reports, and generate year end 1099 filings. 

The prebuilt UI flows make implementation quick and painless and our APIs will allow for any additional customization you see fit. In no time you’ll introduce an end to end 1099 contractor experience right into your Gusto Embedded payroll solution.. For more information on contractor onboarding APIs and prebuilt UI flows, head on over to the onboarding flows guide and select “Add contractors” from the dropdown menu. 

Prior Payroll History

Switching payroll providers requires careful attention to prior payrolls and taxes to make sure small businesses remain compliant. While it’s commonly accepted that switching payrolls is easier at the beginning of the calendar year, switching at any time of the year doesn’t need to be hard. We’re happy to announce we’ve made switching payroll providers a breeze at any time of the year with new APIs and Prebuilt UI flows to enter prior payroll history and get your customers up and running fast with your embedded experience. 

Watch the demo video below to learn more about entering prior payroll history.

Stay up to date on the latest from Gusto Embedded Payroll

These are just a few of the new capabilities and improvements we’ve made recently. New feature velocity is really ramping up and we want to keep you up to date on everything we’ve shipped! Stay on top of what’s new by visiting the Gusto Embedded Payroll Changelog

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Updated: October 14, 2022

Peter Nachbaur Peter Nachbaur is the Product lead for Gusto Embedded. Prior to building APIs & flows to enable world-class payroll experiences, Peter led the external developer platform at Lyft with a focus on fleet supplier partnerships for non-emergency medical transportation, as well as the product team at Keen IO the developer API for event data and white labeled analytics. Peter chases frisbees with Gusto!
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