Announcing SimplyInsured Health Insurance via Gusto Embedded Payroll

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Embedded Health Insurance for PayrollEmbedded Health Insurance for PayrollEmbedded Health Insurance for PayrollEmbedded Health Insurance for PayrollEmbedded Health Insurance for Payroll

Enable payroll customers to search for, compare, and enroll in health insurance plans as part of your payroll onboarding flow.

Gusto Embedded has partnered with SimplyInsured to provide our partners with a seamless, self-serve health insurance platform so their customers can shop for small business health insurance plans and manage their coverage online.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with SimplyInsured so that our embedded partners can quickly and easily offer their customers health insurance options. Payroll and benefits are deeply connected and the compliance around both products demands focus and expertise. Bringing both products together in one developer platform will ultimately mean time saved and fewer headaches for small businesses.”

— Yi Liu, GM, Gusto Embedded

A natural fit: payroll and health insurance

Part of running a successful small business includes taking care of employees. However, as SimplyInsured points out, health insurance coverage can be confusing, time-consuming, and expensive.

Large businesses routinely offer health insurance coverage for employees and this pushes small businesses to also provide coverage in order to compete for talent. Additionally, an employer-sponsored health insurance plan may cost less for employees than if they signed up for similar coverage via a government marketplace on their own plan.

Integrating payroll and health insurance for small business customers streamlines the administrative burden involved in providing coverage and saving employers’ time. Payroll customers that opt into the health insurance flow will find key company information is automatically shared with SimplyInsured to reduce the number of inputs needed from the customer to provide health, dental, and/or vision policy quotes. Employee contributions can also be automatically deducted from paychecks with each payroll run, reducing the chance of errors.

Additionally, bundling health insurance with payroll services offers the opportunity to overcome objections from some payroll customers and aligns with regulatory mandates, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Businesses with 50 or more full-time employees are obligated to offer health insurance. While not mandated, smaller businesses may choose to provide coverage and if they do must meet ACA requirements.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gusto Embedded to serve high-quality health insurance in a simple and integrated fashion. The combination of payroll and health insurance provides critical cost and time savings to small businesses so they can focus on what they do best — while Gusto and SimplyInsured take care of the administrative details.”

— Vivek Shah, Founder & CEO, SimplyInsured

Why SimplyInsured

In many cases, managing small business health insurance involves complex procedures, separate enrollments, and additional documentation. 

SimplyInsured’s self-serve platform offers employers an easy way to shop for health, dental, and vision insurance plans. SimplyInsured offers small business health insurance plans from most major carriers and helps provide cost-friendly options. By including health insurance in the initial onboarding through the payroll sign-up process, our embedded partners can provide customers with a fully digital interface to review different coverage options. Customers can also add their payment information without leaving SimplyInsured’s application.

Once an employer has provided the necessary information and selected a health insurance plan for a quote, SimplyInsured works with the carrier to turn around a price quote for the customer. SimplyInsured’s teams can also help employers understand their options when evaluating plans and offer access to a dedicated customer support team for customers who have enrolled for health insurance via their platform.

SimplyInsured provides its services, recommendations, and online platform at no cost to employers.

“SimplyInsured’s technology turns the complex legalese of health plans into straightforward cost comparisons. Our algorithm ranks each plan on premium vs. coverage provided and the ranking is customized for each individual small business (SMB). That means owners get instant quotes and easy-to-understand plan comparisons. And by providing small businesses with clear comparisons, they are able to pick the right coverage for their organization.”

— Vivek Shah, Founder & CEO, SimplyInsured

How will embedded payroll partners integrate SimplyInsured into their platform?

Gusto Embedded partners do not need to do additional front-end work to offer SimplyInsured’s self-serve quote and signup UI. The option for end-customers to opt into the SimplyInsured quote flow is available via pre-built Flow and can be implemented just as quickly as the nearly three dozen other pre-built Flows

SimplyInsured’s embedded health insurance platform integrates seamlessly with Gusto Embedded Payroll, providing a streamlined solution for small businesses that aims to reduce the administrative burden on small businesses. As a connected small business health insurance experience, SimplyInsured simplifies the often complex process of offering health insurance to employees. 

Want to learn more about integrating SimplyInsured with Gusto Embedded Payroll? Contact Gusto Embedded today!

Sam Haber Sam Haber brings over 7 years of Gusto experience to the product team on Gusto embedded Payroll. With a background in international tax consulting from PwC, Sam helped build the Gusto accountant/bookkeeper program before transitioning into the head of developer relations with a focus on the Gusto app ecosystem. Sam loves his APIs and plays basketball with Gusto!
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