Gusto Embedded Payroll Product Updates: A Year in Review

Product Updates

Our product teams have worked tirelessly this year to make Gusto Embedded Payroll the most complete and compliant embedded payroll solution on the market. It’s been a big year with new feature releases that continue to improve the developer and customer experience and make it easier to take a foundational solution like payroll to market. Here’s a look back at our biggest releases of 2022.

Prior Payroll History API & Flow

To make switching payroll providers a breeze at any time of the year, we released a new API and prebuilt Flow that allows customers to easily enter prior payroll information. This greatly improves the user experience and ensures year to date taxes and filings are accurate. To learn more, review the historical payroll API guide or see the Flow in action by selecting “External payroll” from the Flow type dropdown menu.  

Contractor Onboarding & Payments API & Flow

Due to their different tax treatments, payments to contractors are handled much differently than their W2 counterparts. To improve the contractor onboarding and payment experience, we released a new API & Flow to make it easier to set up and pay 1099 workers. Visit our Contractor Payments guide to learn more and check out the new Flow by selecting “Contractor payments” from the demo Flow type dropdown.  

State Tax Setup Flow & Improved API

With thousands of different tax scenarios by state, Gusto Embedded released a new State Tax Setup prebuilt Flow and an improved API to give customers the exact state tax requirements for each employee. Even better, as tax codes change, employee tax requirements are automatically updated to ensure customers stay compliant. To learn more, review the new pre-built State Tax Setup Flow by selecting “State Tax Setup” from the demo Flow type dropdown, take a look at the State Tax Setup API guide, or read the State Tax Setup blog announcement.

Run Payroll Flow

To address concerns about compliance when running payroll and a desire from many partners to ship more quickly, we released a new run payroll Flow, which can be customized to match the look and feel of your product. In addition to basic run payroll functionality, the run payroll Flow supports custom earnings, multiple jobs, and PTO! See the run payroll Flow in action or review the run payroll guide to learn more. 

PTO Policy API Improvements

We know time tracking and PTO go hand in hand. Which is why you now have the ability to create Paid Time Off policies with either a fixed or hourly accrual method through the Gusto Embedded API. With Gusto as the source of truth for PTO, you can now build robust time tracking solutions tailored to the unique needs of your customers. Review the PTO guide to learn more.

External Benefits Flow

Due to the many types of benefits, each with their own tax treatments and configuration options, using the API to account for benefit contributions and deductions was quite complex. With the introduction of our prebuilt benefits Flow, we dramatically reduced the time it takes to incorporate benefit contributions and deductions into your build, which allows you to go to market more quickly, create a better end user experience, and peace of mind knowing payroll is accurate and compliant. To see the new Flow in action select “Benefits” from the flow type dropdown menu.

Stay up to date on the latest from Gusto Embedded Payroll

These are just a few of the new capabilities and improvements we’ve made recently. New feature velocity is really ramping up and we want to keep you up to date on everything we’ve shipped! Stay on top of what’s new by visiting the Gusto Embedded Payroll Changelog.

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Updated: December 12, 2022

Daniel Dean With over 10 years experience in HR tech, Daniel is passionate about payroll and everything HR. As a Gusto Embedded Sr. Product Marketing Manager, he believes this is one of the most exciting times for HR. Whether you're a HR professional, payroll administrator, business owner, or work for a SaaS solution provider, he believes we all have an important role to play in shaping the future world of work for the better.
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