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Learn about pricing for embedded finance SaaS products.

How should we price embedded payroll? How should we price all our embedded finance products?

It’s a question we hear often from SaaS leaders.

As B2B SaaS platforms offer more and more embedded finance solutions, pricing for these additional products becomes both difficult and important. Embedded finance products integrate financial services into non-financial products or services, creating a seamless user experience. However, with the added complexity of financial services, pricing add-on products can be a challenging task. SaaS leaders need to consider not only existing pricing and packaging but also the cost of embedding financial services, compliance requirements, and the competitive landscape.

Effective pricing for embedded finance products can significantly alter the adoption of embedded finance solutions. With a clear understanding of the value their product provides, companies can set appropriate pricing that captures the full value of the offering while remaining competitive. This is particularly important in the highly competitive embedded finance market, where companies must differentiate themselves and demonstrate the value they bring to customers.

Accurately pricing add-on SaaS products can also help businesses avoid pricing-related challenges, which can negatively impact revenue and customer loyalty. It’s no surprise then that pricing and packaging questions come up early and often with Gusto Embedded’s partners.

The answer, at first, is ‘It depends.’

The pricing for embedded finance SaaS products infographic

The infographic above and the associated ebook walk through the key steps to think through pricing and packaging for embedded finance products systematically. Every B2B SaaS company is different, as is every embedded finance product, but best practices from pricing specialists repeat.

Click here to download the free ebook that walks through the key steps in more detail.

Updated: December 13, 2023

Brian Busch Brian is currently Head of Marketing at Gusto Embedded; the only payroll API with 10 years of experience and actionable data behind it. Before joining Gusto, Brian held leadership positions at Cloud Elements, Kapost, and Captricity. He holds a BS in finance and a BA in philosophy from Boston College and an MBA from the Cal Berkeley Haas School of Business.
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