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With more employees than ever living paycheck to paycheck, many small businesses see a benefit to giving their team on-demand access to the wages they’ve earned without waiting for payday.

Gusto Embedded has partnered with digital banking app Clair so that our partners can enable their customers to offer employees on-demand access to their earnings before payday. Clair offers a host of financial wellness benefits, with the main one being Clair On-Demand Pay. Clair On-Demand Pay is a financial wellness benefit for hourly employees and an alternative to high interest- or fee-based lending options. It is both free and easy for your customers to launch and operates seamlessly with Gusto Embedded Payroll, pulling in payroll data automatically.

Financial instability and the American worker?


A recent workforce survey conducted by Clair found that 83% of hourly workers were living paycheck-to-paycheck with one-third (33%) indicating they struggled to pay their bills and even purchase regular necessities. Nearly two-thirds (66%) of employees said finances were the primary stressor in their life. 


Employees Today Want More Flexibility


In the same Clair workforce survey, participants were emphatic about receiving greater access to their earnings.

  • 74% of hourly workers said they would be interested in accessing earnings for shifts they’d already worked before payday
  • 70% said they would even choose one job over another if it afforded them access to their earnings on-demand

Additionally, employees offered a financial wellness program are more likely to report being very satisfied with their job, taking on more shifts, and staying longer.*


Why Clair On-Demand Pay?


Clair On-Demand Pay is a financial wellness benefit that gives employees access to money they’ve already earned when they want it, through the Clair digital banking app. 

Offering on-demand pay is free to employers and employees and results in no changes to current payroll processes or disruptions to cash flow. Businesses process payroll as they normally would and Clair handles the rest. 

For many employers, Clair On-Demand Pay plays a role in helping businesses attract talent and fill shifts more quickly, which in turn helps create the customer experience employers need to grow their business


How will embedded payroll partners take advantage of Clair On-Demand Pay?


Clair On-Demand Pay will be available out-of-the-box as a prebuilt Flow or customizable via API. Once integrated, your small business customers will be able to choose to offer Clair On-Demand Pay to their employees; more information on how Clair On-Demand Pay works for an individual employee can be found here.

With unemployment reaching historic lows and shift work changing in profound ways, Clair On-Demand Pay is a valuable benefit your small business customers can offer that can both reduce costs and help with their employees’ financial wellness goals.

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Updated: February 15, 2023

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